The New Blog is WAAAAAAY Better! Come visit!

5th Photography is growing and spreading its wings! Not only will 5th be all over the Des Moines Wedding Photographer space, but now the Mississauga Wedding Photographer space too! :) Woot. Have you heard of Mississauga? It’s in Canada! Right next to Toronto. Next venture? CROATIA! Here’s the new blog address, will you pop over? […]

Katelyn and Logan :: Wedding

Some days I just sit back and think how this all got to happen being selected by someone…who started off as a stranger and turned into family…to join them a million miles away to be with them and photograph them on the most important day of their lives. We were lucky enough to join Katelyn […]

Humbled by your votes: 5th Photography in top 100

A couple of months ago the International Shoot and Share contest opened. After weeks of open voting, you fellow photographers have put us in the top 100 out of over 73,000 other photographers. We love you! Sending you out most sincerest thank yous. xox.   THE STATS: [Steph & Dado are Des Moines wedding photographers. […]