Published: Denim & Grace 2014 PoseBook

We were lucky enough to be chosen to have our work featured in Denim & Grace’s 2014 PoseBook. Not only did Ashley, our beautiful 2013 bride make it in, but she was selected to be front and center. Thank you so much to Heather and the team for including us. Nothing beats the feeling of […]

Styled Shoots: Week 3 – Making it Happen

You’ve been planning and brainstorming your styled shoot. So have we! We’re planning a huge shoot in Ireland and we’re jetsetting today. Keep up with us on Instagram,  Facebook and our YouTube channel to see sneak previews from the shoot. But before that, if you’re interested in seeing how we brain stormed, where our minds […]

Styled Shoots: Week 2 – Determining Image Use

You’re back! This makes me happy! Let’s dig into our work, right away. Last week you created your inspiration gallery, I encouraged you to clip, shoot, pin, and cut. You might have come up with 5 elements you know you love, but you’ve left the door open for the location, or food, or for the […]

Styled Shoots: Week 1 – Defining the Shoot

Last week your assignment was to define your styled shoot. I wanted you to take the time to dream up your ideal portfolio piece and spill your beans on a piece of paper. Hopefully you did that and not because some bossy girl on the internet said so, but because you know it’s going to […]