Meredith and Chad :: Engagement

I’m trying to figure out how to make the text portion of my posts meaningful to you. So what you’re going to see…at least until I figure out if it’s worth it to you or not…is a set of images from a session, accompanied by a description of either composition, editing, or lighting. The point […]


**the WordPress app is not letting me post!!!** The ladies: We arrived in Florence after driving from Venice. The roads are beautiful. The drivers are crazy. The speed limit was elusive, I couldn’t find it…so I’m assuming it was limitless. Sometimes they’d tell you to slow down…abruptly taking your speed from very high to 100, […]

Already in love, 2015 :: Tess & Nick :: Des Moines Wedding Photographers

Good morning!! Last night we delivered Tess & Nick’s engagement session images. We are always excited about delivering images because we can hardly wait to hear the reactions. I literally check my phone 1000 times in the 15 minutes following the delivery (via PASS) because I have to see if they have comments or questions […]