The New Blog is WAAAAAAY Better! Come visit!

5th Photography is growing and spreading its wings! Not only will 5th be all over the Des Moines Wedding Photographer space, but now the Mississauga Wedding Photographer space too! :) Woot. Have you heard of Mississauga? It’s in Canada! Right next to Toronto. Next venture? CROATIA! Here’s the new blog address, will you pop over? […]


**the WordPress app is not letting me post!!!** The ladies: We arrived in Florence after driving from Venice. The roads are beautiful. The drivers are crazy. The speed limit was elusive, I couldn’t find it…so I’m assuming it was limitless. Sometimes they’d tell you to slow down…abruptly taking your speed from very high to 100, […]


Be warned. This is a two in one LLLLLONG ONE.  Today we had the photoshoot in Croatia, but I’m behind in my blogging…so we are back to Italy. VENICE!! Edith and I fell in love with the small town in which we stayed that I mentioned, Monte Marcello. We only have photos of us there […]

Cinque Terre…watch out for lemons

We spent a couple of days Cinque Terre, part of the Italian Riviera over on the west coast. There are 5 towns. One of them is called Monterosso. While there Edith and I turns into a little street to visit some churches. We saw what at that time was the most unique facades and interiors […]