Meredith and Chad :: Engagement

I’m trying to figure out how to make the text portion of my posts meaningful to you. So what you’re going to see…at least until I figure out if it’s worth it to you or not…is a set of images from a session, accompanied by a description of either composition, editing, or lighting. The point is, you’re already here, probably looking for info, so I’d like for you to learn all of our techniques and our thought process that we use at shoots. There is no reason you can’t do exactly what we do and then improve on it. By the way, I’d love to see your images, so reach out, eh?

For this post, let’s talk about the fourth image. Meredith and Chad are in the first vertical third, walking towards the camera, with the lush forest billowing behind them. We could have taken the photo, with them centered. The forest looked more or less the same on either side of that path. So why the asymmetry, then? In my opinion, it is more captivating to look at an asymmetrical image. Instead of having the same forest on either side of the couple, we continuously introduce new information to the viewer by positioning them this way. If they had the same forest on either side, the viewer would have essentially half the information to look at, right? Because it would be the same thing on either side. I’d consider this boring in an image where the couple makes up such a small area of the total shot. The way we have the image composed, the information is all new, no matter which area of the background you consider. There’s a story occurring behind the couple: the path invites you, the trees in the foreground give you context of the scene, and then the depth of the field leaves you wondering what else might be found beyond those trees.

You could question why would we want all this hoopla behind the subject…isn’t the whole point to look at Meredith and Chad? Well, it is! But I couldn’t run away from setting the context. I enjoyed the story of the forest behind them so much I decided there and then to invest my time in the background. I knew Meredith and Chad would pop off the page simply due to color. But I agree with you, it’s about the couple, which is why keeping the background monotone worked with the overall creation of the image.

Every image I take, I try to go through a similar thought process. I also consider the angle of the sun, the angle of my camera, the settings on my camera, the emotion of the client, and a dozen other things. Dado does the same. Each shot should stand alone and that’s something I’m always striving for. I enjoy the challenge and when you nail it, that feeling…mm, it’s pre-tty satisfying.

Talk soon,

2015-08-03_0061 2015-08-03_0062 2015-08-03_0063

The following photo is the subject of today’s post.2015-08-03_0064 2015-08-03_0065 2015-08-03_0066 2015-08-03_0067 2015-08-03_0068


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