Day 5 or 6, depending on how you look at it…THE WEDDING!

I’m late, sorry! Today started a little late, given that we woke up late, given that we went to bed late…cause we partied late. Man, this is the way to do a wedding. Your closest family and friends, great weather, great location…mm, perfection. The day started off with a yoga class led by Stacey, the resident yogi (& bestie of the bride). An island breeze, warm morning sunshine, and everyone’s crazy anticipation of the day to come, left a feeling of stress-relief, an open-mind, and limberness in all of us. Photo credit goes to Ricky Breuss III.   Immediately after yoga the wedding festivities started. You should have seen the bride. You have no idea what gorgeous means until you see this girl…it’s on the outside, it’s from within, it’s around her – Katelyn, you’re a wonderful human being. The speeches and toasts in her and Logan’s honor spoke to their amazing characters that, I quote, “light up those around them.” When Katelyn and Logan are near, you’re laughing, you’re smiling, and you’re feeling good. This week has been all about feeling good. When Katelyn turned around after her mom finished buttoning the last buttons on her wedding dress, I cried like the rest of the girls there. It’s a surreal moment, when I take the time to think about the things I get to witness. Kate’s mom stood in front of her, wither her eyes full of tears and her heart beaming with joy. It was almost 30 years of raising, nurturing that her mother had done to that point and she had done all of it with great success. Seeing her mom look at her didn’t require words to express the love, pride, and thankfulness coming out of mom. I count my blessings in these moments for the family and friends in my life and realize how lucky I am to be doing what I’m doing. Being in the presence of amazing families and being in the middle of these very private and touching moments. The day progressed seamlessly. You should have seen the driftwood arch that the crew put together. It was perfect. The driftwood was layered and tied together. Each side was anchored and then decorated with huge white roses. Over top, a sheer off-white, flowy, pretty, draping that blew in the wind like a sail the entire time during the ceremony. It could not have been more pretty. The night ended at an beachfront restaurant, dancing, singing, crying, oh so much crying…of happy tears though! Such love. We cannot express our gratitude to Katelyn and Logan for asking us to be a part of this adventure with them and their families. Getting to spend more quality time with Kate’s side who we’ve known for a couple of years now and getting to know Logan’s side who turned out as wonderful as Kate’s side is just an experience and a set of memories that we will never EVER forget. This was a truly a once in a life time whirlwind. Thank you for having us. We love you guys. Our images are still not prepped for sharing, so…our friends (originally clients and who we can thank for the introduction to Katelyn and Logan) Mary and Ricky III were gracious enough to share their iPhone photos with me for the purposes of the blog. All of the following photos are courtesy of Ricky III and Mary Breuss. Love love love. Thank you!       Clients turned friends. How many times can I tell you guys that I love you and your families?

Best part about this sign, beyond its amazing design and look, is that Kate and Logan made it and brought it here!! It’s wood! You have no idea about their commitment to the perfect wedding…just wait for the big official wedding post. No detail was missed.  Here are a couple of in-between shots as we waited for wedding festivities earlier in the day…

        Here’s the room at this resort (Grace Bay Club):         Now…let’s review some photos from off the boat that you didn’t get to see yet. We parked the sailboat for a bit while the rain went by, right by Iguana Island. Patience was hard to come by, so everyone decided to wait out the storm diving. It was a marvelous display of athleticism (…diving shots).

(Crabby was rescued by the guy who also brought juice…)            

These next two are from Ricky’s GoPro. First Mary and me and then some pretty fish.    …so happy the skipper took this shot for all of us! …and lastly, Dani and I, as our hearts go on. ;) Coming up tomorrow…blistering, a special story, adopting puppies, conch (she’ll only) hunting, and pool photos. Stay tuned. x.


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