You’re going to think they’re fake.

I would really like if you believed me that these images are real.

This post is going to be a quick one as I’m finishing it this morning and today is wedding day.

You’ll never believe the views we saw yesterday. They look completely fake and that’s why I know you’ll love them.

Yesterday was dedicated to a chartered sailboat cruise (thank you Randy and Michelle) and a follow-up bonfire (thank you again, Randy and Michelle)…you know, the longer I’m away from reality and the continental US, the more I can justify why this life here as a vacationer is a logical idea and possible.

We went snorkeling in the third largest reef in the world, yesterday. We saw eel, so many types of unidentifiable fish, conch, and even a dolphin (I unfortunately missed the dolphin with both my eyes and camera. 1 point elusive dolphin, 0 points Steph.) Right after the snorkeling, which was about 3 miles off shore, we sailed across the bay to a third island where we anchored into the undisturbed white sand. You’ll see those pictures below…they’re the fake looking ones.

One highlight I have to call out is that THE PATCH WORKS!!!! O.M.G. if you know me at all, you know I get motion sick by just looking at something moving…nevermind sailing on a boat that at some points teeter-tottered as much as 10 feet. Nothing, not a moment of motion sickness. I couldn’t believe it. Is that what it feels like to be normal? ;) I honest to God felt like someone who got to see or hear for the first time. So happy about that little patch. Did some reading on it (sounds a little scary), but I’m a believer, twice in one trip now.

Hey, take a look at Dado’s posture on every photo. Back straight, shoulders back, chest out. Work it, Dado. Also, the last photo that’s stitched together was intentional. We took two, I had my eyes closed in one, he had them closed in another…this was the best option…and I realize, that I look awful in most of these, but whatever, deal with it.

Enjoy the photos…more about the bonfire and all the other festivities later…gotta run, yoga on the beach is starting!




I asked everyone to wave…I now realize they look like they’re drowning. Oops. 




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