We were about 15 minutes into our photoshoot with Logan and Katelyn today at the Grace Bay Club resort. It was shaping up to be a great shoot because Logan and Katelyn are perfect photo candidates. They’re goofy enough to laugh a lot, romantic enough to touch a lot, and good looking enough to not require a whole lot of post processing on after the fact. I asked Katelyn to wait for Logan to position himself nonchalantly against a half wall, his directions were to back back back it up into the tree and lean in…to settle, so Katelyn could walk up and get close with her torso and pull him in slightly towards herself by his shirt. Dado was shooting from the far right, me from center, Logan had parked himself up against the tree, and Katelyn was poised and ready to walk over when out of nowhere appeared, what I thought was, the sun. Radiant, happy, and glowing the sun was a guy. This dude walked up beaming, hand outstretched, muttering audibly, but without definition to his words. He kept saying things that none of us could understand. But was happier than joy itself. The words fell from his mouth like the goo in a lava lamp, full of life, bubbling around, but completely indistinguishable. He said something like “Clarice!?” He was wearing army green capris and a fitted purple button-down and was standing 6 inches from my face calling out a name that I’ve only ever heard Anthony Hopkins say following his statement about eating a liver with a side of fava beans and nice chianti. I probably came out rude, but I think I said, “huh?” “Aaa yuueow Clarice? Clarice! Iam Deelin! So nauys to might you!”

You ever listen to someone start telling a joke so funny that they can’t get out the punch line, they just keep laughing so hard that you can’t help but laugh yourself? Well that’s what happens here. He had such enthusiasm that I started laughing because I had no idea what was going on. “Clarice! Iam Deelin, hauy! Iam Deelin.” I couldn’t even say anything cause he just kept repeating this martian talk. Over and over, each time more enthusiastically. I looked over at Dado and he was doubled over with the veins busting out the side of his neck, he was holding his stomach with his camera hand and waving like a dorwning person with the other hand to tell Deelin to stop talking before Dado had a heart attack. Katelyn, who is going to one day be the most patient and loving mother a child could ask for had this look of love and nurture on her face, clearly feeling bad for this man who couldn’t speak and was reaching out, wanting to hug him, and Logan, was holding Katelyn back and, to my surprise, was getting what was going on. Logan was doing much better than the rest of us. “Iam Deelin! So nauys to might you!” That’s when it dawned on me that he was speaking English! He was saying he was Dylan! I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t talk. At this point he already had my hand in his hand and was shaking it vigorously, eyes wide open, ready for a hug. World, we had just met Dylan. Lol, Dylan was a native English speaker and, much to my surprise, was not from Mars, but from Australia, of all places. The country with the roos.

Dylan was looking for a photoshoot that he was to be a part of and thought that he was late and that we had started without him. Although he insisted upon getting in the photos with Logan and Katelyn, Dado insisted harder that this wasn’t his shoot. Dylan didn’t buy it, and it took several minutes of convincing before we got him to leave our private engagement session. I still don’t understand why his accent was so odd. He didn’t sound like an Australian. A few moments later Katelyn did something none of us understood. Katelyn approached Dylan, who was passing by again with a hotel employee escort, and slowly circled around him like a slow flash mobbing shark. Logan stood in shock as Dado and I looked on with our cameras. Again, none of us had any idea what was happening. This time, it was Katelyn murmering something, locking eyes with Dylan as if to hypnotize him and with a bent arm repeatedly pet Dylan on his shoulder. Tap tap tap tap “you have a nice day” said Katelyn to which an entranced Dylan replied a long sentence about Clarice, photos, being lost, and for at least Katelyn to have a nice day as well. And he was gone.

   Thus far, this is the weirdest experience we’ve had during a photoshoot.

We wrapped up the shoot with some great images. Katelyn and Logan really are a joy of a couple. 


[yes, the images are photos of the back of the camera…no time to wait for uploading to computer.]

Ooo, almost forgot this one. If mom didn’t like like me in a bikini on the Internet in the last post, dad is definitely not going to like this one. But before you ask what is going on, I seriously have no idea.

Yesterday, when I posted the blog post, I had some comments that revealed that a friend of ours was at Grace Bay Club as well…since we had our shoot there, we stopped to see him. That’s when he recruited us for a photoshoot. The resort was just renovated and they had a full shoot scheduled, all the models were seated and they were missing a female. Enter Steph to save the day. Nic (our friend) runs over and says, can you be our model. “Yes!” I scream as if I just won the lottery of unpaid gigs. We arrive on set, and there’s Deelin Dylan in character at the table. Several people were holding glasses with beverages that had been warming in the sun for at least an hour and I was instructed to take my hair down. DONE! I thought, but after a non-verbal “can you make your hair look a little better,” I was positioned by the photographer into a chair. Back of the head to the camera. LMAO. I once had someone tell me I was pretty much a 10…from the waist down. Now I’m asked to model and they only use the back of my head. I had to laugh. This is how complexes start, people. ;)

Those were the highlights of the day. Story time is over I’m going to find a treadmill, “cutlets,” and a drink.

Here are some new uses of the word “sexy” …


And here’s what we did earlier in the day. I. LOVE. THIS. HOTEL. Yes yes yes yes yes.


 A conspicuous indicator for when you need to get your conch on. 

            Oooh, one last thing. Do you remember the movie 300? Well they went through hours of make-up for their chizzled abs. Today, after taking 500 selfies of myself to get a good stomach shot, a shadow hit my stomach on two sides. Boom, “abs.” Can I petition to have my upper body score increase based on fictitious abs? #thankful

PS, Dado does nothing and has abs. It really is unfair.



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