Already in love, 2015 :: Tess & Nick :: Des Moines Wedding Photographers

Good morning!! Last night we delivered Tess & Nick’s engagement session images. We are always excited about delivering images because we can hardly wait to hear the reactions. I literally check my phone 1000 times in the 15 minutes following the delivery (via PASS) because I have to see if they have comments or questions or are sharing on Facebook and I break out in cold sweats if I don’t see any activity…did they not get the link? Do they hate the images? OMG, did they not upload properly? What if they only like half of the images? What if they don’t like the amount of contrast? Last night I even had a dream that we delivered images to another local photographer (who is super nice!) that called me to ask if I could take her portrait session edits down from a 6-20 contrast to more of a 10. I woke up clinging to my sheets ready to wake Dado up to ask if there was too much contrast. Well that was last night.

But Tess just posted her comments in Facebook, easing my heart and here I am ready to share their images with you. We love these guys. Dado and I met Nick shooting a wedding at hotel a couple of years ago. We’ve kept in touch because Nick is like the nicest person ever and continued to see Nick regularly at the annual World Food Prize events every fall. One day he introduced us to his gorgeous financé, who was also at the WFP event. You’re getting married?!?!? Squeeing, we set up a time to discuss photography. Here are the results of e-session, can’t wait for the wedding, as these two might be the most photogenic people we’ve ever met.


Steph and Dado.

[Steph & Dado are Des Moines wedding photographers. We photograph internationally and specialize in contemporary wedding photography full of natural light, emotion, and of editorial quality…we want our clients to feel their photos are straight from the pages of a magazine.]

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