…last and most intimate wedding of 2014 – Des Moines

We had no idea how blown away we’d be when we first heard from Ashley and Evan. From their kindness, to their beauty, to their taste in home decor…we just adored these two. We met over coffees and quickly started connecting over vegetarian dishes, our love for dogs, and, although silently, I think we appreciated each others’ taste in fashion. When we walked into their home, I remember being blown away by the calmness. The palette was made up of whites, faint blues, barely greys, and pale yellows. There was no TV on the wall, they’d done away with the kitchen cabinets and committed to open shelving, and…my one true love: pendant lighting. Yoga music played…and then they showed me their zen room fit for a yogi. I’m sure they thought I was ridiculous in my almost illiterate sounding “omg, I love it”s that I repeated 100 times. But I did. I loved it. And their description of the wedding they were planning was just as perfect.

A few weeks after our first meeting, an intimate ceremony awaited us. A lovely judge joined us and said, “My only rule for photography is that I HAVE NO RULES! And you have to give them the best photos possible.” The pups were first on the scene, got situated in their bed, and observed the short, sweet, heartfelt ceremony (even if their big brown eyes closed from time to time like purring cats in the highest state of relaxation) while I wiped my tears on my sleeves and Dado pretended to just have an eye itch. ;0) Ashley and Evan were filled with excitement, were wiggly in their stances, and never broke eye contact. In a room full of light, love and 3 people (+2 dogs) cheering them on, they tied the knot and adorned their beautifully designed rings that Dado and I can only wish we had designed for ourselves as well (more on that some other time). They became happily married.

Des Moines is full of amazing people. People always ask why we love Des Moines. Why we are photographers in Des Moines…well, let me tell you that it’s days like this…great people, doing what we love, working together, in full beauty…that remind us Des Moines is our favorite place to be. <3

Steph (& Dado).

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