Ireland: Carraroe, The Missing Beach

We spent the early part of the day in Galway. Wandering. I bought a brooch, but can’t show it to you because it’s for my mom. I also bought my dad a sheep vest. I’m excited about these things.

We all visited TJ Maxx TK Maxx. Oh ma Sweet Lord, laydez, the dresses I trad on, they’d make royalty swoon! ❤️ I did spoil myself with one, you’ll love it! It’s very flapper-beaded-lovelyness. Mmmm Mmmm.


While we were in TK Maxx a little boy started screaming mommy in a little bit of a panic. I looked over to my left and saw a little boy climbing out of a rack of clothes. “Mommy!” He screamed. I couldn’t figure out if he was actually lost or if he was playing a game where he would hide in the clothes and pretend to be in a panic. (Is that a game?) But then I saw his face: wet with tears, his eyes fleeting in a panic. He was screaming. He brought me back to my childhood. I remember this day in Westwood Mall. My mom and I had just stopped at the lotto counter. “Lotto 649 ticket please,” my mom said to the ticket worker “…and two scratch 5s.” While my mom was filling out her 649 ticket I went and started dancing in the corridor somewhere between Open Window Bakery and the shoe store. Twirling in childhood dancing bliss, I turned around mom was nowhere to be found. Complete, and I mean complete, panic set in. I started wailing, “Mammmmmaaaaaaa!” Spinning in confusion and fear. It felt like hours went by. Where was she?! just then, she came out of the shoe store which seemed to have eaten her whole. I could have sworn I looked in there and the bakery. But really who can be sure when in a panics? Anyway, I think I rounded out that moment a fit of some sort which was probably followed by a death grip on my moms hand for the rest of the day. And hopefully one of those good chocolate cupcakes from the bakery.

The kid in TK Maxx was sad. And I remembered this Westwood Mall experience so vividly. So I ran to him and asked if I could help him find his mom. He immediately stopped crying, so that was great for him, me, and the patrons of the store. I said to him “let’s look together.” And he started to nod yes when his parents showed up. Not my day to be a hero, I guess, but I sure am glad he found his mom and dad. Just like I found mine that day. Not a nice feeling, being scared is.

Ok so this brings me to yet another story from yesterday, after which I titled this blog post. Carraroe Beach. The nice Montreal-ese waitress in Bray told us about it. It was a beach of old washed-up coral. Lots if it. She talked about it so dreamily and told us we had to visit when we were close. She said it was secIuded and only somewhere locals went. That the sun always shined and and that it was a must. Coral everywhere she said. The whole beach was coral. I sat sipping my drink, eyes bugging out looking at her. I pretty much imagined the Great Barrier Reef. And so we set out on a search when we got as far west as we would go on the trip.

We went on the search. A really long search. We were in Galway. We went 1 hour south, drove an hour back north then drove an hour further northeast and an hour back…to Galway. No beach anywhere in between there. We found two wrong Carraroes, then we found Spiddal where the right Carraroe would be, but we found the wrong Spiddal so Carraroe wasn’t there. After several U-turns and many 360 degree roundabout loops we were back “home” at the hotel eating a Moroccan dish in the restaurant. Coral-less.

*disclaimer: DEAD coral is fine to touch, take, etc. We are not talking about live coral. This coral beach is made from washed up coral from far far away.

Here are some town photos from the day courtesy of entire our photo team than includes Dado, Brad, Ellen, and Me.











And my personal favorites:

Puppy love


…and, Ellen getting upclose and personal with sir statue.


One more post to go before official home time…stay tuned for tomorrow’s finale. Maybe there will be coral.



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