Ireland: How Much Niceness?

Ring – Ellen 1 : Group 0
Ring – Ellen 2 : Group 0
Ring – Ellen 3 : Group 0
Trench – Ellen 4 : Group 0
Ring – Ellen 5 : Group 0
Ring – Ellen 6 : Group 0
Ring – Ellen 7 : Group 0
Ring – Ellen 8 : Group 0

Winner –> Ellen
Brad: chones + Simpson Legos
Dado: European length swim trunks
Steph: sheep sweater

We are jealous of Ellen’s pile of goods. She hit the jewelry jackpot.

Ok so the day went like this: KillARney, Inch Beach, Dingle, Ventry, Slea Head, McDonalds, and Galway. It was busy. We saw castles, boats, sand, water, cliffs, farmland, ocean, road, and city.

First stops were Ross Castle and Muckross Abbey.







We ran across these beautiful flowering bushes. Ellen and I flocked to them. I complained that I didn’t have these on our balcony back home and then had a moment and buried a bee. Just about in the middle of my complaining and questioning of the type of flower, and while I videoed the flowers, a lady came a stuck her head in front of my camera. She startled me, but I was pretty excited that someone actually wanted to be on camera, that I went with it. She was nice looking. In her early sixties, enjoying a stroll with her husband and friend, she and husband reminded me of my mom and my dad. But he was wearing shorts and my dad doesn’t wear shorts. I could tell, from the group’s accents that they were from England. She wasn’t speaking yet though. It wasn’t until her head was right in front of my camera with her eyes googling out that she opened her mouth to speak. Internet, she startled me. In a slow, deep (and I mean DEEP) voice, she said. THOSE ARE RHO-DO-DEND-RONS… And her voice trailed off. I thought she said rodAdenduMs…which I reapeated. She didn’t like that and said, No, RHO-DO-DEND-RONS! And that’s when she repeatedly spelled it for me each time saying I think and spelling it a different way. :) needles to say, we repeated rhododendrons over and over in really deep voices for the rest of the afternoon.

Ok, eventually we made it to Inch Beach. What a nice surprise! We just goofed off for a couple of hours. We pulled out blankets and threw them in the warm, dry sand. We opened our picnic baskets and watched the light breeze blow the gentle waves. The sun was shining brightly and we basked in its calming heat. The beach was empty of anyone but us. Just us alone with our thoughts and the relaxing beauty. We laughed, we cried, and we enjoyed the closest thing we got to a tan the whole trip.

Yeah, right. It was fricken crazy windy. I wrapped my head in a turban because the wind was blowing my hear drums out. Ellen bought wine and the convenience store lady gave her cups that Brad may or may not have lost in the wind. He chased, Ellen yelled to chase, I chased, another lady chased a finally that lady’s husband caught them, about 1/4 mile down the beach. The wind blew so hard that we put sweaters on and avoided sitting down at all costs because all the sand was wet. It sure as hell wasn’t hot. There was no picnic (but I did carry a can of Pringles in my Joey pouch of my sweatshirt, if that counts). The closest we got to peaceful was the land yachts and the three motorcyclists playing FAST AND THE FURIOUS down the sandy beach. And as for the sunshine, well, that part was true.














Here’s a video of that same beach I found on YouTube. This has the land yachts in it.

We couldn’t leave before feeding the local cat populous. First two, then three, then four, five…then more! They were multiplying.




Next we drove out on the Dingle Peninsula. It was an unbelievable sight.



We met this lovely creature at a pub stop. He was standing across the street looking beautiful. Dado and I hung out with him for a while. Every move we’d make he’d watch and react to. He came over and gave us a sniff and nuzzle, too. That was all I needed for the day. It was like a big warm hug. …love you, horse.



He was in a beautiful spot. I’m a little jealous (again). His view was incredible. Right on the ocean…


And our new friend from the pub, to whom we promised a postcard.


…and the photo he took of us.


Then we stopped to feed more animals.


Ellen snapped a good photo of Dado snapping a photo.


And we turned to face the water…we didn’t know what to do with ourselves. It was overwhelmingly beautiful. We just kept taking photos and climbing the rocks. There’s a good YMCA photo of us but as you might suspect, it’s on the big camera. There were just too many moving digital parts… too. many. cameras.








…and a photo Brad snapped of Dado.


Until tomorrow…



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