Ireland: Sheep Products

Momma bear asked for a cape. She said to me, Steph, if you happen to see a cape, I’d really like one from Ireland. You know, one with rich colors, maybe some plaid on the inside, that’s made of wool. It can have a hood, but it would be really nice with a scarf. And I’d like it knee length. I kind of swallowed hard at this request. Not because I didn’t want to bring one back, but rather because I didn’t want to come back capeless. What if I didn’t find a cape?….!!!

We drove from the city of Cork (where Dado found his suit – ha :) …same suit the model wore in the photo shoot, but in Dados size! We all lived it so much!!) to Blarney…about 10 minutes. In Blarney, we were going to go kiss the stone, but we planned to stop by the wool mill first. Coincidentally and conveniently, the Blarney Stone lives across the street from the wool store…however, we spent so much time shopping, we missed the Blarney Stone completely since it’s behind locked doors, gates, chains, barricades, and ramps. We are dumb, I know. If my card hadn’t gotten declined on the second purchase, we would have made it. I won’t tell you how much the transaction has to be to trigger a fraud alert like this one (who knew wool was so expensive???)….we found out the fraud protection kicked in when they tried to run a large amount immediately after another transaction at the same place. We had to talk to 4 different US Bank fraud departments to get the purchase to go through…I was so annoyed! am so thankful…for the fraud protection.


We get to the mills:



…and it’s like sheep had stayed up all night decorating the store with their wool products. Like Cinderella birds and mice. There were walls and walls of wool. Wool hats, wool cardigans, wool scarves, wool mittens, booties, bags, shalls, jackets…and even capes! It was so beautiful to look at. I was jealous that it wasn’t all mine.

I had run in, in a panic….capes, where are the capes….??? when all of a sudden, there it was. It wasn’t a cape, it was the cape.

Army green
Knee length
Rich colors

I started to wonder if my mom had some how seen it, online or something. But the answer is no…it was just fate. She imagined the perfect cape. They made the perfect cape. I took it off the rack and sent it on its way to America. …up to 8 weeks it could take!!! Holy cow. Just in time for fall weather :)!


Job done!

Ok so now I want to tell you about our new favorite people, Margaret and Gene. They own Moriarty’s Beniska House, the Bed & Breakfast we stayed at in Kilarney.


I can’t believe how cute it was, and clean, and comfortable, and affordable and lovely.






Their towels smelled like cotton candy!!! So clean! And our breakfast was great and we got a bunch to take away too! And it was on the junction of all the main areas of the town as well as the paths going in/out of the town. They gave us directions, chatted with us, and made us feel so welcome and at home. They were lovely people. We even joked about their last name, since Sherlock is our favorite show…:) also learned that Moriarty is a name from the Kerry area. On our drive today, we saw a TON of Moriarty signs. A huge added bonus was that they were in Kilarney which has beautiful sights and is in the Ring of Kerry. I mean there are not enough positive words. Maybe even a few glossy eyes when we were taking off.

Speaking of taking off….here is the trunk. We do this packing every day.


This is entirely random, but here are a few comparisons for your entertainment. Or at least my entertainment…




…and here I found a use for red sheep!


Here are some iPhone sights from yesterday as a finale…waaaay better photos on camera or from today in the iPhone…sorry.







As of this post (I’m a day behind, remember) we have two major areas still to see: The Dingle Peninsula (Dingle, Inch Beach, Ventry, Mt. Eagle, Slea Head) and Galway (Galway, Cliffs of Mohr, and a couple of beaches). Already checked off the list are:
Dublin, Meath, Wicklow, Bray, Kilkenny, Waterford, Cork, Blarney, Killarney

Fact: the radio station we listened to today called itself the station broadcasting to the whole Kingdom. It made me smile.


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