Ireland: Case of the Red Sheep


We started off on the coast this morning. It was so peaceful. Nothing on the water & nobody on the beach but the man walking his black and white dog. They walked up to us, as we stood there looking out into the water. “What brought you to Ireland?” He asked. It’s funny, we get asked that a lot here, as if they don’t expect people to be in love with the country. They’re modest, extremely outgoing, and very warm. I have to say, I love everything but the countryside are the best. The cities are nice and interesting, but the countryside and the coast is so beautiful to me.





We set on for Wicklow again, we planned to drive through the pretty Sally Gap…the hills of purple shrubbery from PS I Love You. We managed to make it out in one piece, but the passengers weren’t happy…

Once about 14 years ago, my mom and I went to visit Bosnia. On the way home I got very very plane sick (as usual) – big time nausea. I felt horrible when we arrived back home. The thought of food and motion were enough to make me bury my head in my pillows and never get up. But lucky me, my folks and I had tickets to Oxford, a town about an hour away drive from home where the Shakespeare Festival was on and we were to see a play. Off we went on this long-a** drive. As if the plane hadn’t done me in good enough. I continued to feel sick but thought I’d get through it. We arrived, parked and my mom saw a sand which vendor and bought me a sandwich. I’m not hungry, I said. And after a few tries my mom left me alone and I didn’t have to eat the sandwich. I really wasn’t hungry. We got into the play, and took our seats for what I think was Macbeth.

The theatre was cool. It had stadium seating all around on 4 sides of the stage. The actors would come into the stair wings and act there as well as on the stage itself. There was an actor standing and acting his role next to me since I had an aisle seat. I remember thinking how cool it was to be able to see his costume up close, the purple velvet, the gold trim, the weird elf shoes…and then suddenly I felt it. That churning pinch of your pyloric sphincter. It was coming. I swallowed hard, I knew I could keep it down, when right then, I threw up all over the kid in front of me and the actors foot. I mean all over…down his shirt and shoulder, then all over the stairs. Apparently, I couldn’t keep it down, after all.

I ran out and sat hugging the toilet, like a 14 year old drunkard, after a long night at the pub. Urgh, I felt nasty. Well, my friends, this was Ellen, Brad, and Dado through Sally Gap. They didn’t have an expulsion like I did, but I think it’s safe to say they were about as sick. I think we saw Ellen take 65 different positions to try and save herself. None worked. It took until Kilkenny for her to regain normal human color in her face. Poor girl.

The sad part is that Sally Gap wasn’t ready for us. She made Ellen sick and for us she didn’t release the purple flowers…we were too early in the year. The view was still breathtaking, but my sunglasses were playing tricks on me.

I have these great Serengeti glasses that turn everything into vibrant colors….and although the flowers weren’t fully out (I was a little disappointed), to me the scenery looked pretty much like this:


But the flowers were not quite violet yet. I took my glasses off the scratch my eye when I suddenly saw the truth (still beautiful, but a lot less purple…)…


This was really funny to me. Do you find some comedy in this? Google: PS I Love You Ireland locations and look at the images…you’ll see the purple flowers, that is, you’ll see all the purple flowers we didn’t see. :) he he. The previous year’s bushes were there, they just hadn’t regrown…

These next few are actually from when we first entered the mountains. So so so pretty. Sorry about all the people shots….all the non people ones are on the big camera.



We came across these sheep as we waited to cross a bridge that was under inspection. They were red. We had a debate on if they’re really red or spray painted. Turns out they really are painted because thieves were taking them…so a farmer painted his sheep to catch them if they tried again. The trend caught on and here we are: red sheep. :) Funny looking, eh?


We also went to visit Lamber, the florist from the shoot, in his Irish hometown. :) We also got to meet Pat who was a real life version of Jude Law with Drew Carey glasses. LOVE. THESE. TWO!! It was so nice to have a beer with locals :). XOXO.


Lamber’s shop is in Kilkenny. What a cute town! We had a lot of time to walk around and visited Kilkenny castle which is right in the middle of town. We weren’t supposed to take pictures but I snapped this photo of a painting in one of the bedrooms in the castle cause I loved it so much. Isn’t this the prettiest family portrait of the kids? I love it. I can’t find who painted it, but I’m to try it’s beautiful.




Last but not least, I’ll leave you with a photo that we actually found on Brad’s camera from when we were at the photoshoot the other day. Brad snapped this shot right as we were wrapping up the shoot. This will be the sneak preview until we get to the big camera and get all the images off the large memory cards.


…I know I’m a day behind in my posts. Sorry. We get home late and that’s the only place that we have Internet. I keep falling asleep typing on my little phone and Dado takes it off my lap every night and puts it on the night table. I’ll try to catch up!



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