Ireland: Welcome to Slane

I know, this is late. But I’ll try to get two in…one more tonight hopefully. It’s really tough to type this much on a phone….

Here it is, from yesterday!

Today I’m going to say it was a three-win day. Win one is an easy one, the shoot up in Sloan was a really great one. It’s amazing how that many strangers can work so well together, not knowing each other, and do such a lovely job. I have four words, you’re the frecken best! We had such a great time today, all I wanted to do was hug them over and over. I still want to hug them. And we’re going to visit one new friend in Kilkenny in a few days. Now I can be that person I envied who had that friend in Ireland. This is my first step in my interesting person mission: read all about it here, and join me. (…I know you’re questioning if this is really a mission I have, and that’s ok.)

We are supposed to move onto my second success. This is a really good one for me. On a Friends episode, eons ago, Phoebe wanted to prove that a selfless good deed was possible. She tried a few things but finally found one when she went to the park and let a bee sting her. The question was, why is this a selfless good deed?? Phoebe’s response was that the bee got to look tough in front of all his bee friends and it brought only pain to her. In the end, we realize that it’s not a successful selfless good deed because the bee dies. But these deep topics about depth are beyond the scope of my blog. I want to bring you back to the bee and how he looked tough…today, I, Steph, scaled a wall. Here’s proof:


We got very very lost today. We were headed to Tankardstown. There is a hotel & estate called Tankardstown as well as a town called Tankardstown. None of us have phone service. GPS stopped talking outside inner Dublin and stopped working completely immediately outside of outer Dublin. Good thing we had a printed Google maps map. Right. We did, but to the wrong Tankardstown. This, my friends is a real pisser, if I might say (and I apologize for for any crassness). We left 30 minutes early and arrived almost 2 hours late. This is unacceptable. But please can I blame this on something? On top of the no phones, broken gps lady Emily, and our incorrect map…there are no address numbers or postal codes in Ireland. What????? So when we arrived, we were stopped by a closed gate. The gate code required you to call on your cell phone to be let in…we were stuck. We needed to get in. The planner, bride, hair, makeup, groom, groomswear, dresses, florals, cake, accessories, and a million other people and pieces were there, and we weren’t. Not cool. So this is when I knew I had to get in. So I scaled and hopped the large brick wall. Man did I feel good. I was had driven, so I said to Dado dramatically, take the wheel, but that didn’t make sense because we had already stopped the car. Anyway, I jumped out heroically and climbed over the wall just as the image above shows you. But then, as I sat on the high ledge and saw how far the house was from the road. I couldn’t go back over the wall. So I ran with all my heart, in my smoker shoes, up until I hit the patch of swampy wet grass which forced me to walk to the door. I got to reception, winded, feeling a bit like a fat as a cow, only to hear reception say I’m buzzing you in now. Someone else just showed with a cell phone to the gate where Dado and crew were still waiting and so while I had run to reception, they called reception. Technically before I even got to the house. This sounds a little like a loss, doesn’t it? A proverbial “fail”? Nope, not for me because I scaled a wall. I’m pretty sure that’s a win, and I looked cool in front of all my bee friends. :) I got wounds to prove it, but dado won’t let me show them on here. Here’s a photo.


Here’s the long stretch of land I ran across…..way to the other side….


Last win is kinda one-sided because it’s only good for one person. But since the two events are not mutually exclusive (one didn’t suffer because someone had a win…) I’m allowed to talk about it. I didn’t get car sick today at all. If you know me, this is a huge victory. Got lost, drove on crazy-windy roads, stopped and went a lot, pulled many u-turns…and only Ellen got sick. That’s why I feel bad. But man, I can’t believe I didn’t…even if I was driving.

My brother George might be the only person that remembers these (and the least likely person to actually read my blog thus the least likely person to get anything out of this next comment), but oh well. I found Jelly tots!!!! Oh my. LOOOOVED these candies as a kid!!! There’s a delicious photo of them, complete with sparkle.


Here’s a dose of tributes:




Here is a picture of ketchup. I mean vinegar.


And lastly I wrap up with what I started. What a nice bunch, what a nice day, what a nice shoot. It’s going to be the prettiest shoot you’ve ever seen!!!!!! This was our mascot, Millie. I think by saying she was awesome, we start to get an idea of what a sweet dog she is. We all wanted her to take her home with us. Plus we all miss our dogs… :(


Here’s the premises, taken on the worlds worst iPhone camera. Good thing we are professional photographers with fancy equipment and your left with this to look at.


The group was way way larger, but here’s a few of us that made it to the pub afterwards. Lamber and Mashy made the headpieces and did all the floral work. Michelle found all the incredible people we worked with and was instrumental in making this happen.


I got to keep a headpiece. I was in love and I had pretty much waited 30 years to wear one.


We are off to Wicklow today, where the rolling green and flowered hills scenes in PS I Love You was filmed. So excited.



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