Ireland: The Lifted Hats

The day started off juicy today, in two ways. We got soaked as soon as we set foot off the tram. And, I found a great leather blazer for 30€ at a vintage store. (It was priced and sold at 30€…can someone teach me how to barter? I tried to be all about it ‘a this the final price, eh? She responded with yes and I said ok. I don’t think that’s how good bartering is supposed to go…) Oddly enough the jacket was the same brand as my other vintage coat I found in Des Moines at Atomic Garage. It’s odd that it’s the same brand, don’t you think? Both stores do their sourcing locally (ish) and the brand was from Winnipeg, Canada (Winnie the Pooh’s home). I just thought it was a weird find. It fits real well…but my parent will probably tell me it fits me like Charlie Chaplain’s clothes fit him and that it’s too tight…hopefully my friend Edith approves and I can convince my parents. The troop here gave me a thumbs up.

This was a great find…but two things flanked this….the arrest and the bubble tea.

Just before we walked over, this direction, we stumbled across this great vintage jewelry shop. Ellen bought a pretty locket and Dado found some pretty tie pins, that my work boss would smile at, maybe, because it’s monogrammed with a D. The stuff was absolutely gorgeous but the majority was priced in the high 100s to over 1000€s. I passed. :) Well just as we saw this cool place, in walked a young boy, winded, and a little paranoid. We walked into the store at the same time from the opposite door and Brad even wondered why this young guy was in this store…Mother’s Day gift? WHOOSH, swings open the door and Brad catches it, as we see the boy topple to the ground. Ellen, Dado and I stay kind of huddled like motherless monkeys looking for mamma. In the corner. It took us a minute to figure it out, but that little boy was about to become the villain. The next few minutes went something like this.

“Give it back and I’ll let you go”
“You’re choking me!”
“Stop squirming”
“My arm!”
“Hold still”
“Ahhhh urghhhh expletive expletive expletive expletive”
“Someone call the police”
“My arm!!!”
“Stop moving”
“You’re choking me”
“I gave to you the chance to give it back..”

There was wrestling, there was pulling, they were on the ground, against the wall, in the doorway, all limbs in the air, face down, face up, in headlock, pulling on each other…it took us a couple minutes to figure out what the heck was going on, when we figured out that the villain of the story stole a couple of hats from a cool shop a block away. The guy that worked at the shop, who had a big, broken, bandaged finger chased him down and found him hiding out in the cool jewelry shop. This store guy was COMMITTED to justice as he wrestled and very gently pinned the young kid down. Onlookers kind of all worked together in spirit with the store guy, asking him how they could all help out…there were dozens of people standing around, some that had even followed the scene from point A to point B. In the end, the store guy won. Eventually, I mean a long eventually, the GARDA came in their police car and arrested the kid that stole the hats…which they pulled out from his pants and returned to the store guy. Gross. The store guy sent around some handshakes to everybody and shared thank yous for the help.





…ok onto some other more uplifting topics…

We talked yesterday about the vinegar packets at the table. This is standard around here. There are two awesome things about this…the benefit of drenching your French fries with tantalizing sourness, but also the lack of sticky gross, finger licked bottles of condiments. There are no fruit flies attracted to the vinegar made of fermenting fruits, there is no French fry grease, or sticky chicken wing sauce in the bottles for you to touch with your clean fingers that you’re going to lick after your meal. (Yuk!) Here, they’re all in little packets. It’s really thoughtful. Thanks Ireland.

Today in our condiment box we found something special. Brown Sauce. :) I hated the name. We hesitated on it but all ended up trying it. There was no consensus on what it actually was but it was something between teriyaki, sweet and sour, and BBQ sauce. Tasted alright in French fries.



We decided as a team, that we found a good angle for taking photographs of ourselves. I’d say it was with about a +15 degrees up angle. See for yourself…don’t we all look slim? (And unless you have nice things to say – ie, you’re going to agree with me – don’t say anything at all…)



Something funny Ellen pointed out were the tribute pictures…like Hunger Game style tribute pictures. This made me laugh out loud. Excuse my ignorance, but they must be having some sort of an election…because they have all these banners on the light posts…they’re everywhere and some have numbers and there are men and women…tributes from the districts… It really made is laugh. :) Here’s a few:


Lastly I’ll leave you with some random photos since I’ve got to get to bed for the big shoot tomorrow. Really excited about that. :)

The death of conversation: WIFI ACCESS




Advertising: A LOT GOING ON HERE


Canadian Surprise Spotted by Dado…I was proud of how excited he was: TIMMY’S




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