Ireland: Fitting In

Well, what a great place Ireland is so far and we arrived in one piece. Grand!

Ireland is quite the kick. First, I need to share the highlights. Then, I have a story.
*Crud, I thought the flight left at 5 pm…I was in target buying soap when I learned it didn’t. Damn it.
*Got to the airport…late. Someone had puked everywhere and consequently the entire wing smelled like hot, wet, sour socks and throw up
*So we figured, better eat a pizza!
*Leg one of the flight got delayed, then delayed again! Meanwhile, we lined up in the wrong line…lol, final boarding cal for flight 2345 got our attention. Somehow, we got delayed, reserved onto a later connecting flight, and arrived even later to Chicago…but for whatever reason Chicago was closed (?!?)…which delayed the other flight onto which we ended up actually making it. So, got to Dublin just a tad behind schedule and picked up our car.
*Holy buckets of Irish rain water! Ok shock 1, a lot of people speak Irish and not English. I completely missed this… Signs greet you in Irish first then English appears. Shock 2, stop and think: left side of the road, right side of the car, left handed shift stick. This all seemed easy in my head. It wasn’t. All of my mental RAM was used up trying to navigate this new thing called driving. I also completely lost all conversational skill while driving. Common sense? None. There were several near misses. I aged several years, guaranteed. Dado also said he felt like I was in drivers ed and failing. Listen Linda, just you try lining up your left side if the car with the left lane edge…while you’re sitting on the right in the car…I straddled two
lanes for 50% of the time…completely unaware. OMG, it was a little bit of a nightmare. Plus, who wants to drive a stick in the city…even on the side of the road you’re used to?!?
*The weather: On my one-days experience, reminds me of San Fran – Scarf weather? Jacket weather? Hot sunshine, bikini, gotta wear my great shades weather? YES. Sun rain cloud sun cloud sun rain rain rain sun cloud. Rain. 3 seasons very 15 minutes.
*The music is really much much better, more exciting, and popular than you can ever imagine. If there is a live musician in a joint, you have to have a good imagination because it’s so crowded inside that you can’t actually see them. Apparently, my idea of just wanting to see live bands and relax isn’t a novel one. THESE MUSICIANS SOUND FANTASTIC, by the way.
*Irish people are even nicer than everyone tells you.
*All men remind me of the dude from bridesmaids (the police officer – played by Chris O’Dowd).
*If you ever want to feel unstoppable, buy yourself some rubber rain boots. Seriously, I pretty much felt like Tony Stark today.

Story time!

So Brad is on and on about these bangers and mash. We’ve heard about the mash being great from David Beckham’s Facebook page (:)) but Brad surprised us. The first pub we went to, boom, there he was ordering bangers and mash. Out came this beautiful dish of mash potatoes, tasty looking sauce, and these shapely sausages. We giggled about the name…for a long time actually…a reeeeeally long time…but eventually dropped it. The day kind of moved on, I ate McDonald’s because they had the curry dipping sauce from Croatia, so I ate a bunch of that…we got rained in about 20 different times, and we wandered the vast pedestrian and shopping streets of DOBE-lin (that’s how the locals say it). Suddenly, the team was hungry again! I vowed I wasn’t eating again since I also ate a McChicken with that lovely curry goodness, but I ended up convinced of this Old Mill restaurant by a pretty girl that was handing out flyers on the main drag in front of the pubs in the Temple Bar district. E and I both had salads and various forms of potatoes WITH VINEGAR. It’s like a piece of mouthwatering bliss. (Canadian fast food places always have vinegar out for French fries…. It’s a sad thing America doesn’t buy into that…that and ketchup chips…). Brad had a burger and Dado, very excitedly ordered himself some bangers and mash because of Brad’s and David’s reviews. Dado’s personal synopsis was that they were absolutely tasty, very we’ll flavored, with a home cooked taste to them. He said they even reminded him of German cooking, which is a warm pocket of memories for Dado since lived there for years. But before he got the chance to share his new found food love, we all had to get over the initial sight… :) straight outta the kitchen.


Have a great evening, and start booking your trip to Ireland.




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