Styled Shoots: Week 3 – Making it Happen

You’ve been planning and brainstorming your styled shoot. So have we! We’re planning a huge shoot in Ireland and we’re jetsetting today. Keep up with us on Instagram,  Facebook and our YouTube channel to see sneak previews from the shoot. But before that, if you’re interested in seeing how we brain stormed, where our minds and hearts went, and how it all came together…check out our inspiration board that we created on Pinterest, find that HERE. We have partnered with so many amazing vendors and have planned the whole shoot remotely through a lot of communication through email.

As always, communication is so key. Nobody can expect that another person can read your mind. Talk about your vision, about your wishes, and about your inspiration. More importantly, be descriptive and committed to describing a style. Picking elements that we talked about in the first two posts of this series is an important first step in creating a solid foundation that other professionals can cling to as they start to develop their own designs and responsibilities for the styled shoot. Stating the shoot is rustic is too broad of a word. Pick specific elements to discuss, discuss the mood you’d like to create and most definitely discuss the benefits of being involved in a styled shoot. We plan to not only use these images in our portfolio and share them with the others involved in the shoot for their portfolio, but we plan to submit this for publication in both print and online. Because we are targeting a wide audience, we will choose an exclusive on-line publisher. Then, when published (and with a quick email to the online publisher for an OK) we’ll send the material in for a print publication. I’ll keep you posted on this.

I’d love to hear what your plan is. Have you created a board on Pinterest? Have you reached out to a vendor or two? I encourage you to do so today, if you haven’t already. You might start with a friendly message that says,

Hi ______, it’s been so long since we’ve worked together and I’m itching to get behind the camera to get some gorgeous inspired images to share with the world. I love your work so much, and I’d love you to be a part of a styled shoot I’m planning. Please say yes. I’m starting an inspiration board on Pinterest, I’ll send you a link to it today. Let me know your thoughts, I’d love to work with you again….

Good luck! It’s time for me to finish the final packings of the gear…talk to you soon and see you on Dado’s Instagram, my Instagram and Facebook!


wedding cake


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