Styled Shoots: Week 2 – Determining Image Use

You’re back! This makes me happy! Let’s dig into our work, right away. Last week you created your inspiration gallery, I encouraged you to clip, shoot, pin, and cut. You might have come up with 5 elements you know you love, but you’ve left the door open for the location, or food, or for the shoes, or for the table scape. I’m here to tell you that it is all good!!! There are absolutely no rules for styled shoots. You don’t have to have a venue. What if you just have a location? What if instead of food you focus on the flowers? The list goes on.

You chose to do a styled shoot, and you’re in charge. Your only rule is to do what you love. As I tell our consulting clients, at your styled shoot you are the lead. You’re in charge and the expert. Nobody knows if you’ve done a styled shoot before nor do they know what is supposed to be happening at your styled shoot. So put on your bosspants and let’s roll. But what does need to be clear to you is what the purpose of the shoot is. Is this a portfolio builder? Is it a way to network with your vendor colleagues in the industry? Are you hoping to get a submission out of it? Whatever your reason is, it’s great. It just needs to be clear to you.

Your shoot can have the following:

*a model, no model!
*a venue, no venue!
*a full table scape, no table at all
*florals, plants instead

…the list goes on

If you plan to build your portfolio, practice, meet vendors, create blogging material, you can limit your elements to just a few…in some cases, to the point where you could probably do the entire shoot yourself without a single vendor…

You can take a photo of a bride with nothing in her hands, and have an incredible portfolio piece. You could take a series of photos and focus on the details of the dress, the florals and her head piece. But you’ll need to know how you’ll use the images and then what you’ll need for the shoot will become obvious. Putting together a styled shoot for vendors or your portfolio gives you a lot of lattitude. Shooting for a submission is deifferent becasue you need a complete picture…floral details, the dress, the food, the cake, the table…these are elements that many editors will look for. Your next assignment is to define how you’ll use the images and which vendors you would like to be involved and who you’d like to be involved. Go at it! By next week, have a list of people you’d like to be involved. Have a clear picture of where your images will end up. See you in a few.




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