Styled Shoots: Week 1 – Defining the Shoot

Last week your assignment was to define your styled shoot. I wanted you to take the time to dream up your ideal portfolio piece and spill your beans on a piece of paper. Hopefully you did that and not because some bossy girl on the internet said so, but because you know it’s going to be awesome. Let’s start working on your styled shoot.

Using all the elements you’ve thought of, start picking out similarities and adding to them…look for like colors and group them, look for textures that work together adding and removing as you please, take a good look and start creating your groupings. You’ll start to see things that stick out to you and excite you. Maybe it’s gold flakes and champagne that start to draw you in, or maybe olive branches and glass, floral crowns and ocean waves…whatever it is, start to build on it.

As an example, let’s use gold flakes and champagne. If I brainstormed on this this is what I might come up with:

*champagne, champagne flutes, sprigs of lavender in the champagne, macaroons in lavender and sage green, sage, herbs in little pots, one sprig of rosemary tied around the napkin with natural string…guests could have a spice up your own cocktail station with the herbs they can clip and add to their drink…
*lavendar on napkins, on stacked plates…a garland of olive leaves running the length of the table, a raw table of heavy wood, contrasting table to flowers, pale flowers, white flowers, flowers in clear glass with gold speckles, gold flakes painted onto the plates, and plums with painted gold flakes…
*champagne color, a champagne dress, with gold thread, plunging neckline, with wing sleeves…

Before you know it, you see a shoot unfolding. Pull up Pinterest or a start an inspiration board and start finding images that loosely fit your vision. Use this as inspiration, and encourage yourself to create your own version…avoid copying. Maybe you paint or draw, use your skills and pull together visual representations. Clip fabrics, snap photos, tear out pages of a magazine…anything and everything is great. When you have items spanning the categories of your shoot you’ll be equipped to approach some other vendors. Next week, we’ll start going through the categories of elements you need. Until then, start pulling together your vision into a tangible form. And I’ll see you in a few days!

Here’s a link to a board I’m working on with some other vendors for a shoot coming up in Ireland.

Styled Shoot



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