Styled Shoots: How to Arrange a Styled Shoot

Styled shoots are one of the spiciest things connected with photography, and I love it. Eat-it-up-with-a-spoon-and-a-side-of-chicken-wings kind of love. There is so much potential and energy with them. You can go big or stay small. Go abroad or stay local. Go with a full cast or stay with a bride and groom. But I have a playbook. A playbook that has allowed us to shoot with the designers we want, in the places we want, when we want. Over the couple of weeks, we are going to break down the playbook. There is no reason you can’t have everything you want in your portfolio. Let’s make it happen for you.

Your first assignment is to close your eyes and imagine what your ideal portfolio piece is. Is it light? Is it dark? Romantic? Fun? Serious? Indoor? Outdoor? Bride? Bride and Groom? Bride and her bridesmaids? Start listing out, all the things would make a shoot spicy to you. List colors, fabrics, clip photos that move you, write down feelings and keep it with you for the next seven days, any thoughts that come your way regarding the shoot jot down on the little paper. We’ll reconvene in a few days. Imagine hard, make it count, and spill your heart.




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