Should I ‘Friend’ Clients on Facebook?

Have you ever asked yourself, should I friend my clients on Facebook? Recently someone asked us if we friended clients on Facebook and how we felt about it. There was hesitation in their question, as if expecting a no from us in response. For us, this answer is pretty easy, we do. And we are 100% ok with doing this. It works for us for a few reasons, but we are very aware of what we are doing in our personal pages, avoiding negativity, and definitely trying to keep things light-hearted and fun. We are professional wedding photographers writing this, but this can apply to many many small businesses, so non-photographers, read on. Here is a clear list of why we friend clients and why it works for us.

1. We connect our clients to their PASS galleries via their Facebook profiles. I can write a detailed article on the PASS features we love in the future, but in short, our clients log into their PASS accounts using their Facebook credentials.

2. This is a great way to get to know each other. With small newsfeed reminders of each other, over time you begin to see each other on a much more personal level, strolling right pass the strictly business relationship. We want our clients to feel comfortable with us, giving them a little periscope, like Facebook, into our lives allows them to connect with us. Find common interests and allows us to do the same.

3. We tag our clients in all images we post on our Facebook business page. This allows our clients to garner a lot of comments on their sneak previews and puts our name in front of the newsfeed of all of their friends and family. This is quick and easy marketing for us. The more people that see it (by tagging them it goes to their networks) the more people will comment. More comments = even more people will see it!

4. While we tag our clients and their friends see their photos, any friends appearing in photos will likely get tagged by our clients (or by the friends themselves). As you can imagine, this gets the photo and our name in front of even more potential clients.

5. Seeing a name associated with a photo on Facebook, to us, boosts the legitimacy of our images. Firstly, it allows our followers and fans to see our model as less of a model and more of a real bride, which is what she really is. Our viewers can more easily relate and see themselves as beautiful people on photographs as well. Secondly, seeing a name and likes, plus potential comments, makes the articles appear more popular since it garnered activity from others.

Our personal pages are filled with non 5th Photography photo and video shares, life questions, and light-hearted activity. We aren’t overly political or overly religious in our posts. We don’t denounce things, we don’t excessively promote anything (other than maybe our dog from time to time), we just keep it light and fun. Thus far it’s never been problematic. We post items on Facebook we are ok sharing with close friends and distance acquaintances alike. In the end, we derive a lot of benefit from Facebook. See if it works for you as well. Leave us a note on the ways you use Facebook in our business.

Steph & Dado.

5th Photography


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