One of our favorite posts of the year!

There are so many wonderful things about being a wedding photographer. Dado and I really like to chat about all of these things in our car rides…consultations are fun because our inner excited goof comes out…we are just as excited about the wedding-to-be as the couples we’re meeting with are. I sometimes find hard to restrain myself and talk quickly and clap. People have clapped back though, so I think it ends up being a good thing. Then there are the engagement shoots. Engagement shoots bring out gut wrenching love from us. I’ll speak from my point of view here, I get to work one-on-one creating beautiful images that I look at over and over. I look at what’s in the background, the light, the color, and of course the emotion. Seeing those blissful photographs of couples feeling a little shy, but so in love on camera, laughing, looking their best…I LOVE IT. Next we love editing. Editing is fun (although I admit, sometimes can be overwhelming…sorting through 3500 photos from a wedding…) because we get to see the growth of our couples on camera….they warm up to the idea of the photo shoot, the groom-to-be grabs a little bit tighter, holds a little longer, and kisses a little more romantically…as a result, she looks deeper into his eyes, she scrunches her shoulder as the kiss on her neck, and she loves him a little harder on camera. Seeing this when we unroll our digital “film” is incredibly rewarding. It makes us smile that we helped capture a moment that the couple maybe never sees on their own…and that they’ll have that image forever on a photograph. This is what we call lifestyle photography and what makes engagement shoots – a couple in their element – so amazing. Of course, about 9 months later, we see it again at their wedding. Bliss!

The list of what we love about photography goes on and on…so this year we want to try something new. We want to offer lifestyle shoots of all kinds…for engaged couples, but also for families, anniversaries, babies…our hearts swell at the thought of capturing everyone’s happiness on camera. So be in touch. In the meantime, here is a reel of our year, from our point of view…from behind the scenes. If you’d like to see a little more, stop by our space at the Your Wedding Iowa – BRIDAL FORUM on January 12, 2014 at the West Des Moines Sheraton Hotel.

Wishing you a very very happy New Year!!

Steph & Dado.

2013-12-30_0011 2013-12-30_0002 2013-12-30_0027 2013-12-30_0035 2013-12-30_0004 2013-12-30_0031 2013-12-30_0005 2013-12-30_0007 2013-12-30_0006 2013-12-30_0044 2013-12-30_0012 2013-12-30_0043 2013-12-30_0028 2013-12-30_0040 2013-12-30_0033 2013-12-30_0015 2013-12-30_0050 2013-12-30_0018 2013-12-30_0056 2013-12-30_0061 2013-12-30_0029 2013-12-30_0049 2013-12-30_0020 2013-12-30_0045 2013-12-30_0010 2013-12-30_0055 2013-12-30_0021 2013-12-30_0046 2013-12-30_0023 2013-12-30_0051 2013-12-30_0032 2013-12-30_0052 2013-12-30_0038 2013-12-30_0054 2013-12-30_0067 2013-12-30_0066 2013-12-30_0053 2013-12-30_0107 2013-12-30_0065 2013-12-30_0075 2013-12-30_0062 2013-12-30_0095 2013-12-30_0068 2013-12-30_0126 2013-12-30_0069 2013-12-30_0102 2013-12-30_0104 2013-12-30_0122 2013-12-30_0074 2013-12-30_0138 2013-12-30_0073 2013-12-30_0131 2013-12-30_0072 2013-12-30_0140 2013-12-30_0071 2013-12-30_0114 2013-12-30_0080 2013-12-30_0120 2013-12-30_0082 2013-12-30_0121 2013-12-30_0084 2013-12-30_0113 2013-12-30_0086 2013-12-30_0087 2013-12-30_0132 2013-12-30_0100 2013-12-30_0135 2013-12-30_0097 2013-12-30_0136 2013-12-30_0091 2013-12-30_0089 2013-12-30_0079 2013-12-30_0058 2013-12-30_0129 2013-12-30_0142 2013-12-30_0143 2013-12-30_0094 2013-12-30_0149 2013-12-30_0093 2013-12-30_0144 2013-12-30_0141 2013-12-30_0148

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