Did you miss Steph on Shoot & Share Live?

Photographers! In case you missed Steph on Shoot & Share Live, Showit’s awesome program, you can always find the recording online. It’s all about photographers in our industry giving back to our photography community. The video aired October 16, but lives on eternally on the net! :) Stop by to learn about Stylized Shoots. Whether you’ve been at it a while and want to spice up your portfolio, or you’re new and Googling How to become a professional wedding photographer, you can listen to Steph as she spills about the details of putting a stylized shoot together, working with vendors, taking charge, and doing what you love. We are itching to get on our next one!

Make it happen for yourself, you’re just a phone call away for the shoot of your dreams. Reach out – email, call, visit, bring cupcakes – find a vendor you’d like to work with and share your stylized shoot vision…what’s the worst that could happen? They could say no. Good thing there are about another 200 vendors in your area, you can always ask someone else, but guess what: I bet they won’t say no. Sell your heart out, tell them why it’ll be awesome to work together and watch it happen. Be inspired and create. Show love, have a vision, and take charge. Tell your friends, spread the word, and watch the good things come. And don’t forget to share your beautiful photos with us (and the publishers)!

Have questions? Please send them our way!! We can’t wait to talk to you.


S&S Live-Steph Kadlicko-Stare


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