Details details…why details matter, but don’t have to match

I’m overcome with beauty sometimes. The details of this wedding, came together so simply. Beautiful colors, talented vendors, and just a day full of positivity, happiness, and genuine love. We had to share these details, each one steals my love from the other.

Venue: Rollins Mansion
Floral/Decor: One Source Events
Photography: 5th Photography

wedding ring photos

This photo above was taken on a dinner plate that was painted and glazed with a gorgeous cityscape. As we looked around for a beautiful surface or background, we saw this and knew immediately it was perfect. Sometimes just resting the rings down naturally is beautiful as posing and spending a long time strategically placing rings onto other objects. Try a painting for your ring shot, take it off the way and lay the rings on top. No painting? What about a magazine? A book? A tapestry?

des moines wedding photographers

The mother of the bride came to us and asked if we could photograph her mothers hanckerchief (something old!). The greatgrandmother of the bride had carried this hanckerchief herself and it made the most beautiful surface on which to lay the earings. The gorgeous shades of pink are so gentle yet vivid. Grandmother’s addition to the wedding day was perfect.

rollins mansion rollins mansionThess 4 images above, are some of our favorites of the day. Rollins Mansion is a gem in the city. You could walk around for hours finding little unique pieces of beauty and inspiration. We felt like we were back in Europe for a moment when we saw these details. Gorgeous.

rollins mansionHow can anyone not love the beauty autumn brings. Perfect sunshine.

one source events stuart alexander one source events stuart alexanderThe gorgeous bouquets of Stuart Alexander of One Source events….also see these past blogs here and here.

horse photoAnd last, but not least, our beautiful friend.



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