Day 11: Hanging out with His Bestie

[advance warning: speed post…spelling errors likely.]

Drove back to Split yesterday from Dubrovnik. After a nice breakfast.



I managed to fall asleep in the psycho winding road. I sort of gelt like I was a lone marble in a can, that was being shook by a little toddler wearing a onesy, then kicked down a very long flight of uneven stairs. I ended up wedging my body sideways between the door (kerns and shins touching the door) with my back against the far side of my chair. I got a little bit of sleep, I think. And a good thing, because when we arrived back in Split Dado’s bestie came for a visit. We heart him.

Hung out and ate lunch together…then I took off for a quick “MA-ssage” as I keep hearing from the other guests. I hate massages, but I pulled every muscle, tendon, ligament, nerve, tissue, and whatever else is on the right side of my back. So I went for a sport massage where she needed those little SOB pockets of pain until I almost fell as keep. Actually, I didn’t almost fall asleep, I was in way too much pain but, point is, she worked on those spots really reeeally good and it was a pleasant experience. If I could have the same masseuse in Des Moines, I think I’d like massages. It was great.

After my massage and more food, we went for a swim.



Later I came down to find Dado and the bestie deep in conversation on the bar patio looking over the ocean. So I snuck a photo.



That was sort of a wrap for the day. Great day for us, not much to blog about. So! Here are a few photos of the vacation that we took on the phones that you haven’t seen yet.

Baćice (in Croatia really close to Bosnia)


Students on their way to priesthood


Opportunity for me to learn Croatian and English fish names!!


My little buddy. Apologies for looking less than stellar on this photo!! ;0) Someone gave her milk! Love.


You can have a bar anywhere!


Cyclists who have perhaps chosen an unsafe route. People are crazy on this road!



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