Day 9: Today’s My Bday!

Before Dado and I came on our trip we arranged a photo shoot in Dubrovnik with a photographer we love to have some images taken of us to have and for our site. It just so happened that the shoot was scheduled on my BDAY! Talk about a way to remeber my big 3-0. What an experience. We felt fantastic today and it was all thanks to Tomi the lead photographer for Dubrovnik Luxury Weddings. His website can be found here.

It was incredible rolling this words movement, direction, style, and shooting preferences. We got so many good shots, I can wait to see them all. He kept feeding us teasers throughout the shoot, it was great. He did such a nice job on the photos we saw, as was expected.

I not so secretly also loved that we got to talking about work as well. It’s fantastic being able to talk either someone in great detail about your favorite craft. We ate up every moment of today.

Below are a selection of sneak peaks that we took after the shoot with Tomi.








So much more to share and tell (new shoes, new ring, other biz), but we have a full day of kayaking in the bright and early morning. We’ve got to go to bed!



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