Day 6: Garlands

The weather was very agreeable today and as a result, our camera got itself a workout. We got our selves out of the hotel by 11 am (this jet lag, which is usually not a problem for us, is destroying us here!). We made it to the Old Town by 11:15 which is when we had to be there so we didn’t miss our shoot! There were a bunch of things we needed to get done today, here’s a view of the erratic and incoherent path we took to get it all wrapped up:


Arrive in square
Take photos of dining hall and baths of palace
Walk to the Hajduk store
Go to the fish market
Stop at the ribbon store
Go to buy flowers
Stop to buy the fig garland
Back to square to meet team for shoot
Over to wardrobe and makeup
Over to shooting location
Back to square to meet up with others
Back by shooting location for lunch
Back down to square to pick up the art we bought
Down to the Riva (a harbor and river walk)
Back up to the piazza area to the drug store since we forgot to go earlier
Back down to the Riva
Back over to the Hajduk store
Down to the Riva
Walk down along the Riva to the cool café bar with the big outdoor tv
Go back down to the other end of the Riva to go to the other place
Miss it and walk way passed it
Go back……
And at some point we end up back by the ship dock to catch our shuttle back to hotel. Yawn.

Idiotic I know. The game plan was to do some leisure photography, follow it up with the shoot. We had to take one pit stop before the shoot, for florals. Hello! Not only did we find florals, little dried up orange puffy paper lantern flowers, but we found a garland of dried figs too! Whaaat?!? Yes! Now I realize figs may not excite you, but if you would have seen this garland you would been just as excited. It had this candied coating on it, the natural sugars crystallize on the outside and they were strung with leaf dividers. Twenty feet away another gold-mine find: eucalyptus leaves! Yes! With the figs pulling shades of pink, orange and green, their candied outside matched the lantern flowers and the eucalyptus leaves both.

Thinking about the bouquet, I wondered where we’d find ribbon to tie the bouquet…then, no kidding, like it materialized from my thoughts in front of us, popped up a ribbon shop! I actually laughed out loud on this one. I mean, what were the chances..?


The lady inside asked what the ribbon was for and assisted us in selecting the right width and fabric. Then she showed us how to wrap it, too! Huge win.

When we sat down in the square, Dado was holding the different bundles of flowers and a lady came up to him offering him money for the flowers. Ha. Soon after, our model arrived. Hesitant about the figs, after a moment of reassurance that fig garlands really were cool, we told her she’d also bearing a eucalyptus crown on her her head. That’s when the shunned figs became a brighter side of things for her.

We got to our stunning location, which happened to be right next to yesterday’s photo location. It was a different side of the private garden, with a different time of day, different faces, and different scene. The shoot today blew our minds. Our model was stunning and truly a natural beauty; she rocked the show. Those figs and eucalyptus were worn like they’d never been worn before allowing us to get the most stunning photographs of her and the scene. This is like a photographer’s paradise here in Split. We can’t wait to share the big boy camera photos with you!!! You can be sure our website will be getting a facelift!

Our final photo with 3 of us.


Here’s a sideshow of the leisure iPhone shots for the day, a mix of Dado’s and my shots.










Oh and here’s the Croatian to go coffee which made us laugh (Size, amount, container, lid. What lid?)


To wrap things up, we’ll tell you about 2 great people we met:

1. Nikiša, our great waiter in town who served like a star, chatted like an expert, and connected like a friend. We’re official friends now too…just FYI. ;0)


2. Vlado, our great shuttle driver who offered us his personal vehicle for the duration of our travels down to Dubrovnik. Although we kindly declined, we are meeting him for drink on Wednesday when we’re back from Dubrovnik.

We are so happy they were a part of our trip.



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