Day 5: The Harmonica

It’s taking all the restraint I have in me to stop myself from uploading every photo we took today at the shoot. It was sooooo fantastic!!! Lord!

We’ll start with earlier in the day, first. Chronology is important. I hate movies that jump all over the place.

We got up and got over dressed yet again for the weather. We went down for breakfast lunch, and ate pizza. The pizza is really delicious here, tastes nothing like the ones in North America. I actually don’t like pizza at all at home, but here I’d eat it for all meals! Actually, I am eating pizza for all meals. So is Dado! He goes for a “mjesana” (“mixed” = prosciutto and mushrooms) and I go for a “vegeterijanska” (which I’m sure you can figure out). It’s a taste bud symphony. I am sustaining myself on pizza, water, and olives. I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten double my weight in green olives, actually. We walk into the bar and they bring out olives even holding the black olives. For how much I love green olives (even kalamata) I doubly despise black olives. Bleh. But im not sure i want them so badly. Dado is keeping up his weight with pizza, prosciutto, and vodka tonics (kidding, just one a night). I’m opting for fig brandy wherever I can, but I’m finding there are two types, I think there is a heavily distilled one (very rubbing alcohol-esque) and then the other sweeter one. It could be that the sweeter one is actually fortified with fig syrup. Whatever the case, the sweet one is like cherry rakija aka brandy (but sweet cherries – tresnje, not sour cherries – visnje), but with a hint of other flavor. OMG, its like alcoholic jam. I highly recommend it. And FYI, these are for sipping, not for doing shots with.

[Dado wanted me to share that as of today’s game Ukraine, Croatia is now in the Euro basketball semi finals. Go Cro!]

Ok back to food and drinks…we did the pizza thing (again for dinner) both times with 1-2 large sides of olives. If anyone has the chance to look up what vitamin or mineral I’m suddenly deficient of, do let me know…cause all I want is salty olives.

Moving on.

We had every intention of going into town early, but then we got derailed by the sun, again. So we changed out of our winter clothes and went to look for crabs (seriously, Dado’s suggestion) and we came across a ton of them! But they’re so faaast!!! I got a few pictures on the DSLR, mostly just their heads poking out of the divisions between the rocks though. I got closer to a lizard today. He was super cute. Dado spotted him but he swung his tail into crevice behind him to hide. But as if he was double checking on us, he poked his head back out and stared at us. At the time I actually argued with Dado that it wasn’t his head, but Dado was right. Cute little lizards, both the lizard and Dado.

Along our way Dado snapped a ton of cool shots. He took the HOLGA with him and I stayed with Mark (our mrk iii), we both had our functioning iPhones. Here’s a few of the shots pumped up on Instagram juice.





There’s Dado on the right.


I was taking a picture of something. But I’m not sure what.

Ooh! I learned something about barnacles today! Yikes. I was telling some peeps here that I kept seeing barnacles with long wormy things sticking out. Then they told me that they had over a 1:1 body to willy ratio! And here I thought they were other creatures hanging our with them. Like buddies.

Here are the finale shots of the afternoon before we went into town for the shoot. Dado got a really cool one of me by the pool. Then he followed it up with one of me eating olives out of to-go condiment containers. Lol.



But then I got showed up by studly hot bod here. Notice my photos (of me) I’m keeping waist up ;)


In town, after cleaning up and all, we saw some other pretty things. It’s hard to put a finger on what makes things pretty, or what attracts us to certain things, but we feel like we can turn around anywhere here and have a dozen things to take great photos of. Fortunately we’ve been busy with work, however unfortunately we’ve had limited time to leisure shoot around town during the day. Our sleep schedule is also partially to blame for shortened day light hours…I know. Tomorrow we plan to make up for some of that just before and just after our last shoot here in Split. Saturday we are going to go get Dado his Euro fashion fix. Some narrow legged trousers and some awesome Dado styled dress shoes that would make our friend with the polish in North Caro proud. Maybe we’ll stop by for a shine on the new ones too.

Some sights from the town today, here.







Last but not least, what I’ve been dying to show you: a sneak iPhone peak of the shoot. Oh my, friends, this was a dream come true right here. And thanks to a super cool, good looking, funny, talented, in-love bunch, it happened. Words cannot express our excitement and love for this group of people. Croatia is lucky to call these wedding and non wedding professionals their own. I can’t give too much more away, but here are a few behind the scenes shots. :)




Heart on sleeve here: truly, Dado and I have been dreaming of a shoot like this for over a year. We’ve meticulously planned it, organized, reorganized, and revamped, but somehow, for one reason or another things have been delayed, turned down, postponed, impossible, unavailable, misunderstood, etc. The shoot today, with all of our dreamed 1001 pieces included, literally fell into our lap, meeting, exceeding, and then even surpassing those expectations. After the shoot was over, and Dado and I walked away, I looked up and said a quick thank you. Although photography may seem trivial to some, some will call it a hobby, its a part of my soul. It’s incredibly moving to me when hard work, dreaming, elbow grease, wishing, long hours, planning, and a ton of effort are realized.

Dado and I are blessed with good fortune and we thank our lucky stars daily. But the 100% a-ok show that you see from us is the tip of iceberg. There’s a lot of stress, late nights, and growing pains behind the scenes. We choose to see these all as positives after the fact because they by doing them good things come. But the truth is there are breakdowns and meltdowns in the moment, when there’s a mountain of work and a 16 hour day ahead and behind us. Although we do not have an ounce of regret in a 400 mile radius of us, today was definitely one of the days that makes it worth it and reminds how happy photography makes us. Now before my glassy eyes drip in the hotel bar at 12:23 am…we are out. (Honey brandy / vodka tonic in hand).

Maja and Marina, a piece of our heart stays with you in Split.


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