Day 4: Wet iPhone and the Honeymooners

Yesterday we decided to enjoy more of the old town. We got dressed in lighter weight, cooler weather clothes and headed to eat at the pizzeria here on the hotel grounds before we caught the shuttle. I decided I’d wear my new shirt from Zara, and my new hat from the hat vendor. And my camera, on a strap. And carry the shuttle schedule in my hands…all that equaled:

The Tourist.

Thankfully we decided to eat at the hotel, because its almost painful to look at such a cute tourist outfit.

There are quite a few places to eat here, there’s even a beer hall. So we chose the pizzeria, down along the water. And we sat down under the beautiful, shining sun and watched the lizards (who I can’t get close enough to to take a photo of). Then we started roasting. We dressed for a 60 degree day and in the sun it was high 80s. And Dado have me this look:


There and then we made the decision we were staying on the beach.


Our pizza came, and we ate…but not before I added more ketchup!!! (Not seen in photo.)


We finished up, wiped our mouths off and took turns running upstairs to to switch out our threads for beach worthy attire. The day went on with us baking in the sun. I couldn’t take it anymore so I turned into an adolescent boy and went to hunt for creatures. Unfortunately, I didn’t take my phone with me since I was wading in water to get to the rocks with the creatures, but I found a bunch of things. First were the crabs; they were so fast!! I poked at one but that was it, I had to look upon the rest of them from a distance. I wanted to catch one for Dado and let it crawl on his stomach (that os now lobster colored from the sun), but my skills were too lame. So instead I caught him snails. Pathetic, I know. I stuck the snails to his shoulder and he looked at me in disapproval.

I also found this red thing that was glued to the rock but I really don’t know know what it was. It was under the water line so I poked at it with a stick but it didn’t come off. I couldn’t bring myself to pick it up with my hands. People had stepped on sea urchins, and although this was red, hard, and spiney, while urchins are typically black, soft, and needley, I thought it might be a sea urchin.

On the way back I got close enough to a lizard to poke at its tail. Only because he behaved like an ostrich, hiding his head, thinking that was enough to his him. Well it wasn’t, so I pet his tail. Unfortunately he didn’t feel my love for him a split. Very quickly.

I found a bunch of fish that came to my toes, I liked them. There’s something about little unfamiliar creatures being mature enough to come say hi.

I made my way back to Dado and he was still laying comatose in the sun. I figured it was time to wake him to at least have him get the other side well done too. We talked for a minute and I think we’re mid laugh when WHOOOSH, we got soaked by a wave that came out of nowhere. Dados new iPhone went for a swim unfortunately as well. After our high pitched shrill, we started grabbing things and got all of the stuff to dry…that’s when noticed his phone floating in the salty sea water. Well knuckle bumps go to Steve for inventing a phone that is salt water resistant at 20 cm for 3 minutes. Nice job. The phone appears to be fine. (I did ask the bartender for a cup of rice to dry the phone in and get laughed out of the bar.)

I took a picture of my notebook. It was closed and was also floating in water, but only a part of it got wet inside! It’s actually fantastic because it’s like a free souvenir! Like a permanent tattoo left on my notebook by the salty sea! Love it.


We cleaned up for our 6:30 shoot with Tom and Kate, our honeymooners. More to come on that once we are back home. It was a beautiful sunset shoot that we followed up with a DELICIOUS dinner together where we literally ate for 4 hours, putting our Fogo de Chao record to shame. (Shot great photos of the spread on the big boy camera…more to come later).

It’s morning here now and we’ve got to go. I fell asleep last night writing, sorry about the delay!


Oh! I thought I’d throw one last iPhone photo in. When we arrived in our room on day 1 we got a plate with these little chocolate and nut things. And an apple. Well later that day as we’re leaving I noticed one of the chocolates had rolled off and landed by the door, I thought it was a long way for the little guy to go, and leaned over to pick it up. Well the first lift didn’t make him budge, so I gave him a little tug. Then I realized it was actually the door stop.



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