Day 3: Rain Turns to a Hot Korean Dance Party

This morning it dawned on me that I really had nothing to do my hair with. I didn’t bring a voltage convertor. My options for a do ranged between clean and frizzy, clean and wavy, or clean and ugly. So after waking up at the ungodly hour of 12:57 PM! we set out on foot to the closest drug store, aptly named KOZMO. On our way there we found the cutest marina full of docked boats. I started snapping photos, and pita (great Croatian food) in hand, the sky opened soaking me, Dado, the camera, and my lunch. Well, good thing KOZMO was just around the bend, eh?

Much to our delight they had everything we wanted and needed, one of those items was an iron for my hair. Well thank you KOZMO for my overpriced Remington iron, that I paid over 400 kune for. Good lord. To all the people that know my living in Croatia and running away home story, well case in point here with the Remington. By the way that’s about $80…not that much in the grand scheme if things, but trust me my CONAIR I bought at target for $25 is better and will work with our 120V. (When I lived here back in 2008/2009 I blew up my flat iron, in an entertaining moment in the kitchen.)


Back to more exciting things. My friend Ellen (the one that lifted us to the aero port) asked if Croatia had any cool unique pieces of jewelry. Not quite sure on how to explain what jewelry they had, here are some photos, Ellen. Eat your heart out.

Cow horn

Cow horn

Cow horn



Hard cow horn that looks like feathers



Love the bottom one



More horn

And my personal favorite, the top metal plates, made of Diocletian’s very own metal serving ware:


After strolling around the palace which is completely filled in with shops and restaurants, we decided we’d go for some ice cream. You can wander the corridors of palace and you’ll find ice cream to your hearts content. Think gelato. They’ve got bins of ice cream ribbons topped with beautiful edible decor. Flavors you’ve never imagined for ice cream. Alas, I got vanilla last night and caramel + coconut tonight. I think of it this way, why not be on expert on one taste rather than a taster of all? yeah well, whatev, i got my favorite flavor and was absolutely happy with my choice. It’s actually freezing here, I can’t lie. The days are ok, but the nights are getting into the 50s. A bit of a pisser we thought, as we shoveled the ice cream in. But what we didn’t know was that our calm night was about to take a turn.


Delicious pizza followed, with Croatian styled sauce, referred to by the locals as mild ketchup. Don’t knock that until you tried it either. De-lish.


(Dado asked me to share with you that he is not actually wearing the same outfit for the third day in a row. It’s just that its been freezing so he keeps throwing on the jacket…but truly it’s been great, as he’s made friends with about half of Frankfurt and Split with the jacket since so many peeps love BVB.)



We took to the tunnels of the palace to find warmth. But as any normal tourist we were drawn to the music playing at the other end. As we walked closer we were more and more drawn in. There was clapping, there was laughter, there was singing, and more laughter. We walked faster and faster as we forgot about the coolness of the night and as our excitement grew. What was it? We wondered. What awaited us at the other end?!

We hurriedly ran up the stairs to arrive at a lovely scene. The central square was lined with people. They clapped and they sang along to the Split native singer/guitarist who sang cover after cover, accent less. The square was lit only by the spot lights that hung from the centuries old pillars, worn and weathered with age. Each step that was sat upon by the tourists and locals was an ancient rock cut to the specifications of the palace, and here were so long later enjoying the architecture and enchantment of its design while drinking outside the cafe that set up shop within its walls.

As we admired all the onlookers we noticed a group of people tightly sitting together, arguably having the most fun of all the other spectators combined. Dado and I wedged in next to them. I mean, why not. We wanted to be let in on that fun too. Well, little did we know what was about to unfold.

As the music got louder so did the guys next to us. The clapping got louder and the whistles started. Across the square the head waiter peaked through open doors and rallied with the crowd, belting a line from the song, “I love you baaaa-byyyyy!” Above him another waiter on the second floor receited yet another line and the crowed went crazy. Dancing started as one of couples beside us jumped to their feet brushed themselves off and took to a triple step swing. Inspired by their fearless travel buddies, another couple joined them, then another and another until there were so many pairs rock stepping we didn’t know who to watch! My heart literally melted there and then. Just as I wiped my tears of joy, a hand extended in front of me. A lovely lady, half my size I might add, was asking me to join the dance floor. By this time the swing had transitioned to more of a twist and in between early to mid 19th century dance steps, we were dancing shuffles, kicks, Charlestons, and do-si-dos. It moved from this to dancing the swing, to a train that picked up people as we passed. It went on and on while Dado and I laughed and laughed. As the train wound down our fun friends from Korea who literally were the life of the party left yelling “I love you” along side their high-fives, hugs, and thumbs up. It’ll be hard to beat, it was a fantastic night with them. The moments after their departure were like a deserted train station after a flash mob. Sad.


Well Dado and I cheered ourselves up by dancing salsa to every subsequent song…a testament to my claim that you can dance salsa to just about anything. (But not before he made me get up off the concrete and sit on a cushion! LOL, no kidding.)


We are now sitting here at 1:18 am finishing off our drinks for the night: vodka tonic for the mr and a fig brandy for the mrs.


Talk to you tomorrow!!


4 thoughts on “Day 3: Rain Turns to a Hot Korean Dance Party

  1. Hey Steph! I just wanted to write to let you know how much I am enjoying your blog posts. You’re reminding me of our time in Croatia. We loved it! I know exactly the square you are talking about. Bram and I still reminisce about the nightlife in Split. We hope to get back to beautiful Croatia someday. Have a wonderful trip and keep blogging so that I can live vicariously through your adventures :)

    • Olivia! Yes! Thank you!!! I forgot that you were in Split, too. It truly is a blast. I thought there was no better way to remember the details of the day than by writing them down.

      I don’t remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did yesterday. So much fun! Can’t wait to talk to you!! Xx.

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