Day 2: We are here!

It rained and rained while we were in Frankfurt, total mojo killer. The forecast also read that it would be droopy and wet upon arrival. But guess what!? NOPE. Here’s what we arrived to:


Not too bad, eh?

Moving on, I find lying on the beach especially painful. I die of boredom. This is actually oddly perfect because it allows Dado to be in peace while I do my thing in the blog. As I was saying, Dado finds beaches a place of “tranquility, where nature and emotions intertwine,” his place of peace. (I just asked him to fill in the blank. Nice answer). His peace gives me peace.


Here are a couple of more shots from Dado, from within the inner confines of the hotel property. We only had an hour before our meeting for Fridays shoot so off to the pool it was for us.



We were then off to a 18:00 meeting ;) to meet to meet our partners in crime. Wow, we cannot WAIT for the shoot. O. M. G. I’m not getting into that today, but boy, we are fricken thrilled. You should have seen the locations! …ancient, patina’d with moss.

Ok so here’s a story. Dado’s cousin Ana Maria worked at a tourism office as a guide in Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is a walled, coastal city on the southern tip of Croatia. It has hints of Tuscany, flavors of Santorini bit stands on its own.i. the city waa used as s lookout point and gate, and stands distinctly defending the mainland, from southern enemies. All if its beauty, winding walls, and narrow streets are immaculately preserved with obvious Roman imprints. One day Ana Maria toured a group from the west. After hours of site visits, historical recounts, and endless stories a man turned to her and asked if it was an appropriate time for a question. Always ready, she said of course. “When does this display come down for the season?”

Well folks, Split, like Dubrovnik, doesn’t turn down for the season. It’s beauty stays and lives on along side the cobble stone streets and hidden arches. This place is phenomenal.

Here’s a LITE version, an iPhone preview.




More photography to come! xx.


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