Day 1: Split & Dubrovnik

Oh the excitement. We are headed to Split and Dubrovnik Croatia for some shooting and some additional photo relaxation. Photography is about as therapeutic to me as I can possibly imagine and we’ve got multiple shoots we get to do over the couple of weeks in the prettiest place ever, but we also get to have some time for a little bit of leisure photography. On the list are so many reeeeally unique places: Diocletian’s Palace, the Adriatic Sea, remnants of the Romans, the cobbled streets and walls of Dubrovnik…more about that later.

Ok but let’s get to a few things:

1. We had no problems with our camera gear through airport security. But the guy at the X-Ray machine did tell me to take a tray. Naturally, as I walked through the body scanner, I thought of the Death Star Canteen employee…

DV: I’ll take the penne al la arrabiatta.
Employee: You’re going to need a tray.
DV: Do you know who I am?!
Employee: Do you know who I am?
DV: I’m Vador. Darth Vador….
I’m your boss.
Employee: you’re Mr. Stevens?


Watch here:

2. My Croatian roots served me well today. As kids we were always told:
*a* eat something hot with a spoon once a week
*b* wear an undershirt 366 days a year…even if the day never comes, wear your undershirt tucked in to cover your kidneys
*c* if you have wet hair after a shower and leave the bathroom you’ll die
*d* if you sit by a “promaja“(a draft), you’ll catch pneumonia and die

*e* if you sit on concrete, ladies, your eggs will die (OMG, sorry Ma for writing that on the Internet)
*f* always wear socks when the temperature falls below 110 degrees F…and if they’re not on your feet they better be within arms reach, like in your purse…

Well, today I wore an undershirt and had to put on the socks I brought on the plane with with me…in the dead heat of a Carolina summer. I just about died of frostbite on the cold plane. But my Croatian check list saved me: ate soup yesterday, had my undershirt on, dried my hair last night, avoided the draft, wore my socks, and kept all eggs off the concrete.

3. Don’t upgrade sh*t next time you fly. Our friends Azra and Igor gave us the number of a great travel agent at Jasa Travel and she hooked us right up. But yesterday when we checked in online the devil gave an upgrade option. Like a total schmuck I upgraded our first leg seats for $65 a piece for triple the leg room. Awesome! Yeah, then we got there and there was no armrest, no heat, and chairs that couldn’t recline. In. Schambles.

4. Shoe shining is the bomb. We met an awesome chap who took total care of Dado at the airport and gave his ox blood wing tips new life. Good thing we didn’t check any bags so we had them with us.


5. Honest Tea//Peach White Tea//just a tad sweet
…if there was a blend of the perfect flavors, bottled up, labeled, and sold on a shelf, it would be called Honest Tea//Peach White Tea//just a tad sweet


6. Always wear sweatpants when traveling. This is the best decision I made all week! (See above photo)

7. Huge thanks to:
Mama and Tata bear for not only babysitting the kiddo, but for even coming to IA to get him! Love you x3


Ellen and Brad for car sitting and for the 5 am lift to the airport this morning. You rock.

We’ll catch up soon…maybe with a video blog on location! xox.


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